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I was born in 1976, raised in the Granite Falls and Lake Stevens area in Washington State.  I played baseball and football from little league through high school.  As a child and teenager I struggled deeply with sin and depression.  As a young adult, I was determined to find my purpose and meaning in life.  In 1999 some crazy things began to happen and I experienced a series of events that proved to me the existence of God.  By the year 2000, my life was radically transformed and I committed my life to Jesus Christ.  I married Amber in 2001.  We have four kids and currently live in Lynnwood, WA.

What this blog is about:

Writing helps clarify my thought life.  As I grew up, almost everything about the universe was a mystery.  All I could do was speculate about where we came from and what life was all about.  There is still room for a lot of speculation because God has not revealed everything to us, but now at least I have a framework to understand things.  The more I learn and experience, the more many things come together for me and I see how the little parts of life fit into the overall big picture.  Often I look around with a fresh perspective and see some other piece that falls into place and makes even more sense out of life.

I’m at peace with God, but I have a sense of urgency about life.  I live moment to moment with a mandate to make my life about walking in relationship with God and caring about the things He cares about.

In light of that, I write about a variety of things and how I think they fit into the bigger picture as it’s revealed to me.

Mostly the categories I talk about are: Art, Business, Church, Family, Fitness, Humor, and Sports


My primary goal is to make disciples of Jesus, teaching them to obey everything He commanded.  As a new believer I realized that I needed to understand the bible better.  I started taking bible classes.  I learned what the words hermeneutics and exegesis mean.  I learned that the bible is literature composed in many forms including:  narrative, poetry, letters addressed to specific readers, etc.  I learned what anthropomorphisms are and about metaphor.  God reveals truth about Himself often times by story/parable or observable things in nature so that we can understand it from our limited viewpoint.

I’m not content with just learning a ton of stuff, forgetting most of it and then being able to look it up when I need it.  As a minister of the gospel, I need to live by what I believe.  I need to be able to understand things well enough to have an impactful conversation with someone while we work on the docks together, or sit around a fire or in a living room.  My actions need to be caused by belief in true and good things.  I believe people are so overloaded with text and information that our lives are actually rejecting it in favor of oral-oriented story that becomes part of our everyday life.  I hate it when I’m in a conversation and I start saying things like, “I read somewhere, but I’d have to google it.”

With that being said, I’ve found myself many times absorbed in a book or lecture being filled with awe and hope, only to think about how many people I know who would dismiss the topic because it was too complicated or “too far over their head.”  The truth is, if I’m explaining something and it’s too complicated, it’s probably my fault and not God’s.

My grandfather is a fine theologian (masters in Theology, Dallas Theological Seminary, Lewis Sperry Schaeffer) He also holds a masters in psychology, practiced family and marriage counseling for over 40 years and had almost twenty books published through Zondervan.  He was my mentor early on in my faith.  We both have a strong drive for learning and teaching.  He related our responsibility as theologians and teachers to taking the cookies from the top shelf and putting them on the lower shelf so that they could be enjoyed by everyone.


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